Nancy Pelosi IS THE MONEY DELIVERER!!! NANCY goes everywhere every so often. North Korea, Ukraine during the WAR to meet with Zelensky, Middle Eastern countries, now Taiwan. She gives a key or code, probably to maybe the Red Cross who we know has suitcases FULL OF MONEY! Could be Swiss Accounts, WHO KNOWS! Maybe GOLD! She is the MONEY BRINGER!!!! She is paying off China right now for helping to take down AMERICA!!! They have to keep playing their part. Shipping problems. Acting like they have the FAKE COVID, you know all the stuff on the FAKE NEWS!!!! TRAITOR PELOSI!!!!!!! CHINA NOW HAS TO PRETEND TO WANT TO GO TO WAR WITH AMERICA!!! FAKE NUKES AND ALL!!!!!!! I BET THE PAY OFF IS BIG! ALL THE UKRAINE WAR MONEY WE PRETENDED TO SEND TO UKRAINE!!!!!!!! CHINA GETS THE WINDFALL!!!!!!!!!!! NANCY PELOSI IS DONE!!!!! WE KNOW NANCY!!!!! WE KNOW!!!!!!!! WE KNOW!!!!!!!!!!

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