Let’s go back. Remember that UKRAINE is a LAUNDROMAT for MONEY. It also traffics people and children, Drugs, you name it. SOOOOO when The Fake Biden Administration said it was sending Billions to Ukraine, DUH!!!!!! All that fake War Ukraine money went, WHERE???? Well it goes to pay off all the people who are KILLING SOCIETY AS WE KNOW IT. BORIS got money, all the NWO Little minions get money, China gets money, USA CONGRESS gets money, even TAIWAN gets money. Doctors who injected poison get money. Pharma workers, CEO’S get money, EVEN FARMERS get money (SUBSIDIES), State Governors get money. EVERYONE GETS MONEY!!!!!!!!! It costs ALOT of MONEY TO BRIBE PEOPLE!!!!!!!! The American Medical Association gets MONEY! The United Nations GET MONEY! They steal Tax dollars( so people have no wealth) and print money. Then they ” LAUNDER” it through UKRAINE!!!! That is why the Focus is ON UKRAINE!!!!!!!!! It is THEIR SYSTEM! THIS IS WHAT IS GOING ON. THEY WILL KEEP GOING UNTIL THEY ARE STOPPED!!!!

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