All the NEWS is False. The REAL AGENDA is NOT ON THE NEWS. This is a game of finding WALDO. Find the hidden differences in two different pictures. Go Dot to Dot and you will connect it ALL. Nothing is as it seems. Right Now The PSYCHOPATHS are running out of Ways to DISGUISE what they are doing. WE KNOW IT ALL. It is almost Comical. We will see how people like eating BUGS. No more Soda or new clothes. No more Freedom. Being Forced to identify as something you are NOT. We don’t WANT TO GO BACK TO NORMAL! Normal was NOT NORMAL. We want to be in control of our own lives! The WAR is REAL! The Asleep idiots will WAKE UP REAL QUICK when all their little Brainwashing Docile habits become forbidden. Soon they will have to GO WITHOUT! NO MORE WALMARTS! NO MORE MCDONALDS! NO MORE MINDLESS TELEVISION. THERE WILL BE NOTHING!!!! LET’S SEE HOW THAT WORKS OUT FOR THEM. They had to Kill ALOT more than they did. The people OUTNUMBER the CRIMINALS BY BILLIONS AND BILLIONS. Who do you think wins this???????? THE PEOPLE WIN THIS!!!!!!!

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