THEY are trying to CONFUSE YOU! Now they have scarf lady saying they knew nothing would work on the fake covid. They are using Psychological Warfare on THE PEOPLE. Now you don’t know WHAT to believe. That is where they WANT YOU! Instead The People must focus on surviving and winning this War they did not choose but MUST FIGHT! Forget ALL THEY SAY! Any big event that happens will be of their own doing. The People must unite and go to WAR with these Killers. They are not like us. They are RUTHLESS KILLERS! The People must think like the Enemy. Share this so people know what is going on.

It is not just the top banking families, United Nations and WEF that did this to us. IT IS OUR OWN GOVERNMENTS!!! They can NEVER be trusted again!!! They must all go!!! They threw THE PEOPLE UNDER THE BUS!!!! They let us be LOCKED DOWN LIKE ANIMALS AND INJECTED WITH POISON!!!! Federal, State, and Town ASSHOLE MURDERERS did this to us!!!!!!!The MEN should be preparing to get them. They will not stop on their own. They are all pedophiles and killers!!!!!!! WHERE ARE THE MEN???????? AMERICAN MEN, WHERE ARE YOU????????

THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISES!!!!!! We can FARM and eat meat and the earth will be FINE!!!!!!!! That is why GOD gave us the resources to thrive!!!!!!!! IT IS ALL A HOAX!!!!!!!! They only want to be the ones to have everything, NOT US!!!! WE are COMMONERS to them. They are PSYCHOPATH KILLERS to us. So who deserves to live and be comfortable? WE DO!!!!!!!!!! WE DO!!!!!!!!!!! WE DO!!!!!!!!!!! Put on your hunting caps and grab your bows and arrows. There is some thinning out to do.

Could the New World Order be falling on its face??? They ushered in depopulation through a Fake Pandemic and Fake Poison Vaccines. They implemented lockdowns and ran the economy of the World into the ground. They heaped Stress upon The People. They Maimed and are Killing our Children and Babies. All this to bring in their Great Reset. So what if they failed to dominate The World? After all they did, what will happen next? FOR ONCE IN THE PEOPLE’S LIVES THEY ARE NOW JUSTIFIED TO TAKE OUT THESE CRIMINALS!!!! NO COURT OF LAW WILL SEE THEIR FACES. THEY WILL BE DRAGGED INTO THE STREET AND PUNISHED ON THE SPOT. THIS IS WHERE WE ARE NOW. AFTER THAT WE CAN REBUILD. THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!! click on to see video…