JUL 28TH INFOWARS HOST OWEN SHROYER TESTIFIES IN ALEX JONES DEFAMATION TRIAL. If this Monkey Trial continues than America has LOST her 1st Amendment. It is THE DUTY OF THE MEDIA TO QUESTION. THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. THEY ONLY RUN WITH THE LIBERAL RHETORIC AND NEVER ASK THE QUESTIONS THAT NEED TO BE ASKED. Without balance, a Country cannot function correctly. The same goes for CONGRESS. THERE MUST BE CHECKS AND BALANCES! I DEEPLY FEEL ABUSED AND TERRORIZED BY THIS TRIAL! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL HAVE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THESE HOAXY COURT ROOM ACTORS!!!! WE will sue those whom are inflicting emotional and mental damage. We will SUE the Sandy Hoax parents for USING the American people to get rich!!!!!!! They are disgusting displays of arrogance and greed. The Sandy Hoax Parents need to learn which side they should have landed with. LET THE REAL TRIALS BEGIN!!!!!!!!!! click on to see video… The Time Is Now News

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