THE CROWD CAN BE HEARD SHOUTING “ASSASSIN’S” AT FRENCH POLICE!     CLICK ON TO SEE VIDEO…Macron’s minions throwing teargas at people merely observing the situation in Paris as thousands of uniformed thugs surround the protesters!The crowd can be heard shouting “assassin’s” at French police as the injured man has been unconscious for some time now as paramedics attend to him.It’s late in the evening in Paris and Macron’s minions picking off small groups, kicking and swinging their batons at them indiscriminately, don’t forget all this is supposed to be “for their health”! Then they maneuver their armoured vehicles onto the Champs-Élysées to face off the anti Coronavirus tyranny protesters, unreal scenes in Paris. Push crowds back and form a cordon as ambulances rush in to attend injured person.

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