Word has it that America is crashing and the Dollar is worthless. America borrowed money from China and others and CANNOT pay it back. They have defaulted and in the process they have lost all their ASSETS that were COLLATERAL for the loans they took out ( ASSETS INCLUDE YOUR HOMES AND ALL YOUR ASSETS, THIS IS WHY THEY SAY YOU WILL OWN NOTHING BUT BE HAPPY!) The Government has Partied and spent OUR money on Their lavish homes and lifestyles. America has had no economy for YEARS. The Government has BROKEN their SOCIAL CONTRACTS with the American People. Americans will soon wake up to NO DEPOSITS IN THEIR BANK. NO RETIREMENT MONEY, SS, DISABILITY, EBT CARDS, DEBIT CARDS, CASH WITHDRAWALS, 401K,ETC… THIS IS WHEN THEY WILL PUT IN THE DIGITAL QR code MONEY SYSTEM THAT THEY WILL CONTROL WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!!!! IT COULD BE NEXT MONTH, NEXT WEEK OR TOMORROW! LOCKDOWNS GOT US USE TO STRANGE BANK HOURS, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES SHUTTING DOWN( DC IS EMPTY). THE IRS IS NO LONGER. JOB INSECURITY HAPPENED AND NOW FOOD AND MONEY AND GAS INSECURITY AS THEY PREPARE FOR A FAKE MONKEYPOX LOCKDOWN. IF AMERICANS DO NOT FIGHT NOW, THEY WILL DIE, HOMELESS, SICK FROM FAKE VACCINES, STARVING. THEY ARE KILLING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Censorship gets worse every minute!!!!!!!! I am being taken down more on Social Medias. If you find I am not here it is because they took me down. Look on Gab. I will think of something!!! My Love to Everyone. WE FIGHT!!!!!!!!! SOON AMERICANS will take up arms, I am sure, and THE ENEMIES WILL BE ON THE RUN! THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! The Time Is Now News

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