Before you eliminate them. CRASH THEIR BANKS, Go to Doctors under the table, Go to CREDIT UNIONS, Don’t go to THEIR BOX STORES, Don’t buy Heinz or THEIR FOOD PRODUCTS!!! DON’T BUY! Don’t go on their sites. Get OFF their sites!!!!!!!!!! GET OFF FROM YOU TUBE,TWITTER, FACEBOOK!!!!!!!! CRASH THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Throw your fucking Televisions away. Unplug them, NO NEWS EVER!!! NO PROGRAMS!!!! IF They crash our system to live we can do WORSE TO THEM!!!!! TAKE IT ALL AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!! GET A DUMB PHONE!!!!!!! NO MORE APPS!!!!!!!! They will suffer!!!!!!!!!! No money, no way to pay employees, bills, travel expenses!!!!! TAKE IT ALL AWAY FROM THEM NOW, TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

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