WE ARE AT WAR!!!! One side Kills and the other side carries Protest Signs. Is that a balanced War??? The people are being ASSAULTED on many fronts. Medical Tyranny, Stress, Loss of income, Isolated from family and friends, The breakdown of our Society, Homelessness, open border, illegal immigrants everywhere, Criminals not being punished, lawlessness, Food supplies being burned. It is a carefully CRAFTED WAR, like in WITCHCRAFT! Like the media BROADCASTS casting Spells. Project Mockingbird using the Media to REPEAT mindless dribble into the minds of the PUBLIC. CNN in airports, Car Garages, everywhere. This is part why People are not able to shake the brainwashing as they line up to get poison. They will die. It is a matter of time. 1, 2, or 3 years. The water fluoridates the mind. GMO’s in food. Plastic water bottles. GET INFORMED!!! What will The people do?????

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