They are anticipating a skin reaction to the Fake Vaccine. They are trying to get ahead of the story by saying there is a Monkeypox! This is how they operate, Deceit and backup plans to kill all those they can. They can’t go back now. It is too late. THEY can only forge ahead and do more damage to kill as many People as possible so their enemies can be contained. DO YOU SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING? THEY DON’T THINK THE PEOPLE HAVE IT IN THEM TO KILL LIKE THEY DO. THEY ARE LIKE A GROWING PARASITE. IS THERE ANYWAY TO GET RID OF A PARASITE? YOU MUST ELIMINATE THE PARASITE! THEY ARE COUNTING ON THE PEOPLE MARCHING BUT NOT REALLY GOING TO WAR AND SEEKING THEM OUT. KNOW THY ENEMIES.

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