Say good by to those you know. Most will die. Be ready to starve and be abused. Soon you will be too hungry, weak and overcome with grief from seeing those you knew die off. Then they will come for your guns and give you some bread. You will have to leave your homes and you cannot have things. So many will be dead you will feel all alone, herded with the other ones that lived. Even ” famous” people will lose it all. Only the tippy top will thrive. No Movie has ever captured the Despair and Despondence that will blanket the earth. Already you have layed down and rolled over. Americans are in a stupor as their children are abused and shot up with poison. SOME will survive and they must do something before they too are gone. That is the nuts and bolts of it. We can write, talk and do videos till the cows come home but only Action is left to remedy this Horrific Situation we are FORCED to face. Some I no longer see on the video, truth telling circuit. We are Comrades. May we find each other. Be careful who you trust but instinct will prevail. Pray. I am giving it to God and putting this out there.

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