I can tell you what’s going on right now. The Criminals are throwing Spaghetti take down the world ideas at the wall and hoping something sticks. So far they have managed to Fake Vaccinate some people and get them to think there was a Pandemic. The Main thing they have done is PISS OFF Billions of People. We have Politicians thinking they are still relevant, HaaaHaaaaa! It really is quite amusing. Don’t you think it is revealing that Hunter Biden was in Hollywood during his videotaping supposedly of himself? It couldn’t have been staged, could it? As long as The Americans are obsessed with Tabloid stories, the enemy can sidestep their crimes. If the Television was turned off, as it is starting to be, their wag the tail scenarios start to plummet. Hollywood has been crucial. Dog and pony shows work on the stupid and feeble minded. Wake The FUCK UP! RISE against the Enemy!!!!!!! Without Permission and a Docile World People, They cannot possibly do their evilness. LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

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