This is how they are using the Media right now. They are Not reporting on the damages and deaths of the Fake Vaccines. They are not reporting on the Rioting and Protesting all over the world because they want The People to be in the dark. If The People do not not have the correct information then the people cannot act accordingly. If The people find out they were poisoned and there is a GLOBAL UPRISING all over the World they will hunt the enemy down. The Enemy is the NWO PEOPLE and the GOVERNMENTS. The BIG TECH PEOPLE are the Enemy. The MEDIA Is an Enemy with make up on and suits. They might as well be wearing Army fatigues. The Media Studios are WEAPONS OF WAR bought and paid for by the NWO. Do you see how they are all connected? They bought all the organizations that were in place to prevent World Tyranny. THESE are your Enemies. They want to Kill you. Not hurt you or make you uncomfortable. They want to KILL YOU! It is YOU OR THEM.