The PSYCHOPATHS are giving people Fake Vaccines and then cutting off THEIR LEGS!!!! This is called MK ULTRA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL!!!!!!!! They are FORCING THE WORLD PEOPLE TO WITNESS HORRIFYING MAIMNG AND DEATH TO FRACTURE THEIR MINDS, DISABLING THEM TO THINK CLEARLY!!!! THIS IS HOW THEY GET THE PUBLIC TO BLINDLY GO ALONG WITH THEIR OWN SUICIDES. MK ULTRA!!!!!!!!!! Along with the Flouride in foods and water and chemtrails, that has a dumbing down effect, the MK ULTRA TRAUMA induced by mass rioting( BLM), Fake Poison Vaccines including flu and all the others. Selling baby parts, Hunter Biden porno laptop and all the things they put out there every day. This all contributes to The People being paralyzed to act!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

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