The PSYCHOPATHS are giving people Fake Vaccines and then cutting off THEIR LEGS!!!! This is called MK ULTRA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL!!!!!!!! They are FORCING THE WORLD PEOPLE TO WITNESS HORRIFYING MAIMNG AND DEATH TO FRACTURE THEIR MINDS, DISABLING THEM TO THINK CLEARLY!!!! THIS IS HOW THEY GET THE PUBLIC TO BLINDLY GO ALONG WITH THEIR OWN SUICIDES. MK ULTRA!!!!!!!!!! Along with the Flouride in foods and water and chemtrails, that has a dumbing down effect, the MK ULTRA TRAUMA induced by mass rioting( BLM), Fake Poison Vaccines including flu and all the others. Selling baby parts, Hunter Biden porno laptop and all the things they put out there every day. This all contributes to The People being paralyzed to act!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

Where are the Fucking Pharmaceutical Companies when they are NEEDED????? Right now Sri Lanka needs MEDICINES!!! Are the pharma companies only good for maiming and killing with Fake Vaccines??? What happened to the ” GREATER GOOD?” For the Greater Good Sri Lanka needs medicines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of Schyster, Fraudulent, Lying Corporation only gives its product out that is poisonous and doesn’t let people in Need have the other Products???????? FUCK YOU BIG PHARMA!!! The World will go back to HERBS AND PLANTS to be healed!!!!!! Sri Lanka needs to eat Dandelions and The World people can send them healing plants!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t NEED BIG PHARMA anymore!!!!!!!!! We need to distribute Books on natural Healing that was done BEFORE FUCKING ROCKEFELLER DID AWAY WITH THEM AND INFILTRATED MEDICAL SCHOOLS!!!!!! THE WHOLE MEDICAL COMMUNITY IS SOILED!!!!! We can NEVER GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

DUTCH FARMER: THEY WANT OUR LAND, NOT LIMIT NITROGEN. If The Dutch must overthrow their crooked tyrannical Government, then they must. They can NEVER concede their Land!!!! NEVER!!!!!! A Government is no longer in need when they have become ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE! FARM YOUR LAND!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY TO FIND OIL!!!! ONE DOESN’T ALWAYS HAVE TO TAKE IT NICELY!!! click on to see video…

It is time for The people to take over the GAS LINES! They must retrieve the fertilizer to plant foods. The people must Run the Electricity. The People must make those whom are skilled in these jobs, keep them running. The Earth is RICH with OIL and WATER. The People must learn to dig into the ground and pump water and fuel. It is right below their feet. GOD gave everyone the RESOURCES!!!!!!!!! FOODS can be used for SEEDS. They will grow in the ground. Sri Lanka must ORGANIZE!!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News