This taking down of Countries is all done by NAZIS!!!!! Look what they did to the Jews. They Took their MONEY, THEIR BELONGINGS, HOUSES, BUSINESSES!!!!!! They broke up their Families and put them in different camps!!!!!!! This is right out of the NAZI PLAYBOOK!!!!!!!!!The Jews are the people who should be wanting Justice, but they only want to live good lives. REMEMBER THE HOLOCAUST!!!!!!!!!! Everyone who denies it is the Enemy!!!!!!!!! The Nazis did EXPERIMENTAL MEDICAL procedures and harmed people!!! It is all TOO FAMILIAR!!!!!!! Who are the Windsors? They are German Nazis who changed their name to Windsor. The Nazis came to America and infiltrated the Pentagon, NASA, you name it. And NOW they are ready to head the NWO!!!!!! FUCK THAT!!!!!!!!! HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!! RISE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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