Carrie Madej is Controlled Opposition. She gave CREDIBILITY to the Fake Covid. She gave people False hope that they could ” DETOX” from the Poison Fake Vaccines. She Created FEAR, a known detrimental AND NEGATIVE Emotion to people worldwide saying there were creepy crawlers in the Fake Vaccines! Dr Zelensky was/ is? Controlled opposition. He gave Credibility to the Fake Covid, and made money off from Fake Covid medicines. The Time Is Now to wipe the fog from your Brains!!!!!! THERE IS NO FUCKING COVID VIRUS!!!!!!!!! It does not exist. They cannot prove it. In a Court of Law you must PROVE your case if you have Intent. This has been a Big Circus Act with a cast of thousands. Unfortunately, the innocent were DECEIVED. THEY WILL HANG!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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