Trump can’t stop what is coming even if he wanted to. Q came back on line to quiet down the people who they are worried about. The Controlled Opposition is going strong. Americans must only listen to themselves. NOBODY ELSE! They got people to march into gas chambers and get on trains to camps. The people thought surely someone will stop the Nazis. BUT NO ONE DID, NOT IN TIME! IT WAS TOO LATE WHEN THE Q PEOPLE, I MEAN THE ” ALLIES” GOT INVOLVED. MILLIONS HAD DIED. IN GERMANY, RUSSIA, ALL OVER. WE DIDN’T STOP THE KILLING FIELDS EITHER! IT IS THE AIM OF WAR TO COME IN TO THE BATTLE when the mission has been completed. This is how the US conducts WARS. THEY HAVE ALREADY ASSESSED how much damage and when it meets their goal, they bring in the Troops. They SACRIFICE People to get the oil, the mines, the resources, the ability to use a Country for laundering money, trafficking, etc. When the Time is right they cover EVERYTHING UP with a WAR, AN ENEMY to divert The people. WAR IS A COVER. A HUGE COVER UP! If the Americans Do not act now they are DONE! TOAST! THEY are conducting WAR ON THE PEOPLE and by the time they call in the TROOPS TO CALM everything down, HUGE AMOUNTS OF HUMAN CARNAGE WILL HAVE TAKEN PLACE!!! READ AND REREAD!!!!!

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