It is a Critical Time for the WORLD! The Evil Criminals have a Pattern for doing their dirty work. The following is what it is. The Population Control Billionaires will Push, Push, Push their agenda. The people will then Protest. Things will die down. The people will relax. THEN The Criminal Billionaires will Push, Push, Push something else, slowly creeping up on the gains they previously had made. Then VERY SLIGHTLY they surpass their previous gains. Over time they round the bend and win the race. The Race is about taking ALL RIGHTS from the People Worldwide and getting The people To BELIEVE they can actually do it, even though they cannot have that Authority over ANY MAN! So it is a game of MAKE BELIEVE VERSUS REALITY. REALISTICALLY THERE ARE BILLIONS THAT OUTNUMBER THE FEW CRIMINALS SO THEY HAVE NOTHING BUT AN ILLUSION OF STRENGTH. THE STRENGTH LIES WITH THE PEOPLE. VOILA!!!! GO FORTH AND Bask in the Glory of Humanity! GOD WINS!!!! The Time Is Now News

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