WHY would Putin, right now of all times, decide to go to War with Ukraine?????? For the hell of it????? OR would that be a Pretend reason to cause a gas/ wheat whatever shortage and create starvation and ultimately the NEW WORLD ORDER to step in and issue digital money that they can control to a Weak World People??? This , of course after a MASSIVE FAKE VIRUS CAMPAIGN to give poison FAKE VACCINES to prime The People for Destitution!!!!! They needed to kill A LOT of the Population in order to carry out this perverse mission! And they FAILED!!!!!!!! And now they will hang! Now THEY are the weak ones with not a leg to stand on!!!!!!!!! They are going to be HUNTED DOWN!!!!!!!! The World people are coming for them. Mark my Words!!!!!!!!!!!! Money cannot shield someone from angry MOBS with ropes!!!!!!! See how your money protects you from the hands of The World People!!!!!!! Blood will run in the Streets!!!!!! The Criminals have Blood on their Hands and The People will get every last one of them!!!!!!!!!

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