Let me ask you something. Are these Criminals, with their shots of poison, being Thoughtful and Thorough with regards to The People they are imposing this on? Are they being Honest and Decent about the high risk and O efficacy( success) of these gene altering, blood clotting, heart muscle destroying Fake Vaccines? SO why should THE PEOPLE be civil, be NICE, be accomodating to those whom are DECEIVING and HARMING THEM? Can they PROVE the Covid Virus they talk about? Have they isolated this Virus so that they can study it? Does this Virus exist? Have they never had a vaccine against a Coronavirus( the common cold) because they could not isolate the virus which would be NEEDED to create a Vaccine to IMMUNIZE the SYSTEM! SO this is not a VACCINE! If it is not a Vaccine, what is it? It is full of broken cells, PRIONS that they are trying to replicate throughout the body. Broken Cells, PRIONS are what the body tries to expel. It is near impossible to destroy these Prions and so the Doctors simply cannot TREAT the Diseases these Fake Vaccines are causing. They have created Disease and Organ DECAY! This is Murder. Would you be polite to a murderer who was trying to kill you? Should we as Human Beings have instincts to tell us to grab these Criminals and try them before Hanging them? Have we unlearned to TRUST OUR INTUITIONS? You don’t RUN INTO THE HURRICANE, YOU RUN AWAY FROM IT!!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW TO CAPTURE THESE EVIL, EVIL CRIMINALS WHO KNOW THEY ARE KILLING CHILDREN!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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