I am going to let you on to a little secret. There is no War in Ukraine. I am not sure what side Putin falls on, BUT, I do know that Ukraine has been a HUB BUB of Human Trafficking, Child Adrenochrome Extraction, Child Organ Harvesting, Illegal activity of the infamous International Monetary Fund, Money Laundermat for the United States Congress, Foreign Fronts for Banks with which to unload Mass amounts of MONEY AND DRUGS to people like Hunter Biden, Joey Biden, Nancy Pelosi, the Chenys, Bushes, You name it and etc…..Victoria Nuland, who steered the International Monetary Fund into Ukraine, that was used to funnel money!!!!!!! Putin could be using a Diversionary War to keep off the scent of the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY that have been executed against THE WORLD PEOPLE AND CHILDREN!!!!!!! LOOK AT THE VIDEO!!!!!!! LISTEN TO BIDEN THREATEN THE EX PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE! BIDEN DID NOT WANT HIM TO MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT UKRAINE SO TRUMP WOULD NOT LOOK INTO ALL THE CRIMES!!!!!!! LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!!! CONGRESS SHOULD BE ON TRIAL NOT PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!! click on to see video

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