Elon Musk has been THRUST into the Limelight by his Twitter debacle and apparent political turn to the right. Now he is somewhat a Celebrity and people are following his life. Enter his son who is a Tranny seeking to cut all ties with his father, Elon Musk. Now what would be this a build up to???? The STATE is aiming for a Family Break Up. This will eventually lead to the Government raising the children and all parents will be pushed out of the equation. By highlighting the Tranny aspect of this Father ” son” drama, one can see this is the way they will frame the narrative. They will say Parents do not understand how to raise Tranny Children and they will TAKE THEM from their Homes. This is Virtue Signaling! You can Thank Elon Musk for helping Bad People to RUIN AMERICA. They Always Deceive those whom they want to control. Wake the Fuck UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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