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  1. It would be awesome, helpful, and sincerely appreciated if you also included the related links to/mentioned by the original source when you share or repost videos like this, such as whatever links are contained in description boxes beneath op’s video to find more info. Not sure if you’re unable to due to copyright restrictions or things of that nature, but i believe many of the creators WANT this content to be reposted, heard, and known, by as many people as possible, so i dont believe that to be an issue in much of these cases. Being a single mother of two who works and cares for two parents with cerebral palsy(one who was vax injured in the late 50’s, go figure 🙄 ), there’s never enough time in a day, and all the learning/reading/truth seeking detective work needing to be done just to protect, prepare, and navigate in today’s world is extremely time consuming, as im sure you’re well aware. So again, if you’re able, and if its not too much trouble… I’ve been able to track down info myself most of the time following your posts, but it would be helpful. Thanks for everything. Keep up the good work, its truly, greatly appreciated 💗

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