As I wrote early today, Homelessness is an actual GOAL of the NWO. It is in LA, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, New York City, EVERYWHERE! If there are no Family Units, then there are no cohesive communities. We only have migrants roaming around. We have people on the verge of losing their homes. We have Children being told different things than what their parents tell them. They share SECRETS with children, DO NOT TELL they say. Be a different gender they say. Common Core teaches NOTHING! History is Gone. New math makes no sense. Only learn tech. Their children go to private schools where they learn REAL THINGS! They want everyone at the mercy of them. There is no time left to wait for Elections. There is only one way. You may like Trump. You may like Alex Jones, but they tell you to believe in Covid and Covid DOES NOT EXIST. So can you believe anything they say? No you cannot. They are TIME STRETCHERS. They make you think they will help you. They WILL NOT HELP YOU! YOU MUST HELP YOURSELF!!!! They only tell you projections because they KNOW the Agenda. How do they Know? Because they are in on the Plan. No other explanation. They keep you stupid. They are magicians. They mesmerize you. They are Controlled OPPOSITION! They capture the Attention of THOSE WHOM COULD ACTUALLY FIGHT FOR AMERICA!!! Time has run out!!!!!!!!!! LISTEN TO ME! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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