They are UPRISING in other Countries BUT YOU DON’T KNOW THAT because the MEDIA LIES TO YOU!!!! They are burning Politician’s Homes and Cars. They are Physically Beating Presidents!!!! The Revolution has already begun! They are Overturning Treasonous Governments!!!!! Burn down the covid camps Australia!!!!!!! Canada, you don’t have to be in Prison! America, Biden is NOT YOUR PRESIDENT AND CONGRESS WORKS FOR THE CONGLOMERATES!!!! THERE IS NO ONE IN AMERICA GOVERNING THE PEOPLE! THEY ARE PUPPETS!!!!!!! They don’t give a shit what happens to Americans! THEIR AGENDA IS TO KILL A BUNCH OF PEOPLE AND TAKE IT ALL OVER!!!!!!!!FACE IT AMERICA!!!! FACE IT!!!!! Tear it all down!!! Jan. 6 was THEIR IDEA!!!! They wanted A REASON to have another SHOW TRIAL, to have a diversion and SCARE AMERICANS into SUBMISSION! IT’S ALL A FARCE!!!!!!!!!!! STAND THE FUCK UP, NOW!!!!!!!!!

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