THIS IS WHAT POPULATION CONTROL LOOKS LIKE THROUGH FAKE VACCINES! THIS IS BIBLICAL- Forecasts for the US show a HUGE 69.4% drop! The current population of 327 million is expected to drop to 100 million by 2025. The figures for Germany look anything but rosy. By 2025, its population is expected to drop to 28 million instead of 81 million, a drop of over 65%! A drop of another 3 million from last year’s forecasts. But it should not only hit Germany hard. There is almost no European country in which its population is not expected to shrink drastically! So let’s take a quick look at decline forecasts for some other countries below (numbers may be slightly rounded up or down):France: from 67 million to 39 million – down 41.8%Spain: from 49 million to 28 million – down 42.8%Italy: from 62 million to 44 million – down 29%Great Britain: from 66 million to 15 million – down 77.3%Ireland: from 5m to 1.3m – down 74%Luxembourg: from 594k to 199k – down 66.5%Austria: from 8.8 million to 6.2 million – minus 29.5%Switzerland: from 8.2 million to 5.3 million – minus 35.3%Sweden: from 10 million to 7.2 million – down 28%Norway: from 5.3 million to 3.8 million – down 28.3%Denmark: from 5.6 million to 3.8 million – minus 32.1%Iceland: from 340k to 196k – down 42.3%

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