I think it’s time we all saw some PROOF, HARD EVIDENCE of the DREADED COVID 19!! I also think it is time the Fake Vaccine is PROVEN TO BE A DETERRENT TO GETTING THE COVID!!! WE NEED SOLID PROOF! What you can’t do that Pharma and Fauci, Gates, Scarf Lady, Biden, MEDIA????? Then I guess you are all in BIG TROUBLE!!!!!!!!! BIG TROUBLE!!!!!!! Your nothing but SCAMMERS!!!! BIG TROUBLE is coming your way!!!!!!!

The Vanguard Group and BlackRock seem to own the World. The Food Companies, the Media, the Social Sites, the Real Estate Market, the Agriculture, you name it. So Elon Musk and his ilk are basically YES Men who really have no control over anything. So maybe American’s ought to be breaking loose from the TRUE SLAVEMASTERS!!!! They need to GET OUT OF DODGE, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!