Is REBEL NEWS controlled opposition? Hand gestures? Covering Diversions as if they were the main story? Always money for Big Budget news coverage? Are ALL the bigger alternative media Controlled Opposition? Was this crucial to the NWO that they have both sides of the isle covered? We should be keenly aware of WHAT THEY ARE NOT COVERING!!!!!!! THE INFRASTRUCTURE GOING TO HELL IN EVERY COUNTRY. BANKS WITH FISHY BANKING HOURS. NO Coverage of FAKE VACCINE INJURIES WITH PHOTOS AND INTERVIEWS. NO TALK ABOUT HOUSING PROBLEMS SINCE THE LOCKDOWNS! NO TALK ABOUT CAR SALES! THEY ARE ELIMINATING ALL OF THE PEOPLE’S DAILY LIFE ISSUES SO THAT THEY CAN BRING IN A NEW WORLD WHERE THE GOVERNMENT RUNS YOUR AFFAIRS. HOUSING? NOT A PROBLEM. YOU WILL OWN NOTHING. WE WILL PUT YOU SOMEWHERE? CARS? YOU WILL HAVE NO CARS. FUEL? YOU WILL HAVE NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT FUEL PRICES, WE WILL DECIDE HOW MUCH HEAT AND ENERGY YOU CAN USE. CAN’T FIND AN ATM? YOU HAVE NO MONEY, WE WILL tell you what essential stuff you can have. There won’t be a Social Credit System. EVERYONE WILL GET SHIT! They dangle that out like you will have a chance to live well. You won’t. The HAVES and the HAVE NOTS. WHERE IS THE COVERAGE OF REPORTERS KNOCKING DOWN DOORS OF NWO FREAKS???? THEY ARE ALL BULLSHIT! ELECTION FRAUD IS A HOAX! Covid was a Hoax. They have to cover all groups of people and keep them entertained and waiting for their dreams to come true. Q, Trumps, Hillary, Liberals dreaming of Trannies in the WH, Right wingers dreaming of Q and the PLAN to save the world. They put it all out there and do enough to keep people’s hopes alive! IT IS BULLSHIT!!! The bottom line is they are destroying our countries. PERIOD! There will be no Borders, no countries, no Constitutions. They have already been tossed. All Gone! Look around you, YOU ARE YOUR ONLY HOPE!!! THE PEOPLE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT CAN SAVE THE WORLD!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW