Day: March 11, 2022

Call me crazy but isn’t BLOOD SERUM ACTUALLY ADRENOCHROME???? Are the BIO LABS in Ukraine and elsewhere procuring adrenochrome to sell on the black market? This would mean there are other DARK OPERATIONS going on near these hidden Bio Labs. They do not need this many Labs to create Fake Viruses. Why are the Ukrainian Bio labs sending BLOOD to Australia????? Where are the Trafficked People? Are they near the Bio Labs? What drug do the Fake Elite live on? Adrenochrome? Who can afford to keep Bio labs up and running with employees? The Fake Elite. Who can afford security and a secret source of Blood for their expensive habit? Who can transport Blood from one continent to another under the guise of The World Health Organization and other Government affiliates? Are they filtering Blood at these facilities? What’s going on ??????

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