Ukraine was turned into a HELLHOLE! The International Monetary Fund was involved with shady dealings. Where did THAT money get laundered through???? HUH??? Victoria Nuland is a Globalist Piece of SHIT!!! Do you think they hid money in the International Monetary Fund/ Federal Reserve? Of course they did. How many other Countries have had to put up with these BULLIES and THUGS! All the abuse on the poor Country Ukraine!!! These Faggy Fruitcakes ran Ukraine into the ground. Lindsay Graham has an OBVIOUS stake in Ukraine’s Seedy undertakings, THEY SAY HE LIKES LITTLE BOYS THE FUCKING QUEER! SO MANY WILL GO DOWN, SOROS, Maxine Waters likes little boys, we have seen her pedo ring. How did Maxine the Tranny get her money????Hillary, Pelosi’s Son. Biden’s Son. John Kerry’s kid. Romney’s son, they all made millions, When you take money and have an alliance with another country and your parent is in the GOVERNMENT, GUESS WHAT? YOUR A TRAITOR!!!!!!!! YOU WILL HANG as an example of what we do to Traitors.THE PEOPLE ARE COMING FOR YOU AND YOUR PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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