Where’s Gislane Maxwell? Don’t you think she knows a thing or two about Ukraine? Jeffrey Epstein may or may not be dead, but his LEGACY is very much alive!!!!!! The people KNOW!!!!!!! We have not forgotten Epstein Island. Maybe Virginia got her money from the Queen, but the World knows what has been going on. I hate to think of the Queen as being wicked. For some reason I always thought she showed such character taking over the Monarch so young. But we never really know, do we? Must we lose all of our heroes and heroines? I hope the world can find some wholesomeness once again. We need to be happy. If We The People follow our instincts and arrest the criminals we will stop feeling so demoralized!!! ARREST THEM!!!!!!!! It should be an easy process if you go in numbers. Start local. We must be our own heroes, for the children!

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