We must have higher expectations of ourselves and our Governments. They cannot be allowed to do wrong. When this is over we need a better system where those we elect to Govern have less of a chasm between themselves and The People. Representatives of THE PEOPLE must be in attendance at ALL TIMES when Congress is in session. We must go back to the days of interaction between all levels of Government and The People. Monoplies must be broken up. Each Country must be given respect and the Military must calm down and just be prepared to defend and protect The People. The bad eggs must be tossed out!!!!!!! Government Money must be monitored!!!! No Entity outside of a nation can be allowed to interfere with them. The people must have fair elections. Human Rights must be internationally UPHELD! These are common sense solutions to our problems. THE PEOPLE MUST BE ON ALERT AT ALL TIMES. THE INDOCTRINATION IN OUR SCHOOLS AND THE MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA WILL END!!!!!!!! WE CAN RECOVER OUR MINDS AND OUR BELIEFS THAT RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG! WE WIN THIS WAR! The Time Is Now News

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