If they told people to run into rush hour traffic because it will kill the Fake Virus, would they do it? Of course it will kill the Virus along with them!!! The Fake Virus had NO SYMPTOMS!!! What was that? How about I tell you we are going to the beach today but we go sit in a parking lot instead. There are no elements of the beach like sand, water and seashells but I insist we are at the Beach! Would you try diving into the dumpster thinking it was water? How far is the brainwashed mind willing to go to preserve an illusion. What we need to be focusing on is how to undo the Brainwashing and the MK Ultra. No MSM or Opposition Media to start with. No fake diversional news or predictive programming meant to herd people into thinking the predictive programming is real. That will make room for real information to seep into the minds of those coming awake. That is the priority right now. Think Solutions!!!! Turn off the televisions and the cell phones. Make it a Three Day National/ Worldwide Challenge!!!!!!! Then encourage conversation around IDEAS and REAL LIFE!!!! Wow!!!! Much better than a bucket of water over the head! REAL KNOWLEDGE COULD BECOME POPULAR AGAIN!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!

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