Everybody has heard of the baby trafficking THROUGH THE UKRAINIAN EMBASSIES!!! BUT UNTIL NOW NO ONE DID ANYTHING!!! The DC Ukrainian Embassy has been implicated before. The Courts have turned a blind eye because the same CRIMINALS who do these despicable acts THREATEN Them!!!! We have been living in a society that does not want to do the right thing. Our churches have FAILED the people. OUR MORAL COMPASS HAS BEEN BROKEN!!! THE PEOPLE WERE TOO BUSY WITH SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT AND JUST PLAIN BEING SPECTATORS! You have to PARTICIPATE in Real Life in order to make it worth living! Underneath the waves of simply riding through time, an undercurrent of Negative occurrences have blanketed The People with darkness. We NOW CAN SEE!!!! We are no longer blind! We change The World Now!!!!!! We have Hope and Light. We can no longer live when others are suffering! WE WILL BRING THE LIGHT!!!!! WE WILL SAVE THE WORLD FROM ITSELF AND WHAT IT HAS BECOME! WE WILL BE THE ONES! The Time Is Now News

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