We enter 2022 living through THE BIGGEST WORLDWIDE GENOCIDE that the World has EVER SEEN! And now the Fake News and the Covid Fake VACCINE KILLERS want us to LOOK at the BIRDY, NOT AT THE MAIMING AND MURDER OF OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS!!!!! How did a KILLER, take your pick here: Virus, Spike Protein, Parasite, Barcode, HIV do dad, Graphene Hydroxide, Monkey Brain particles, embalming fluid, pig tails and hydra creatures that self replicate, how did this all just get up and leave the building???? CLEAN UP ON AISLE EARTH!!!! I REPEAT, CLEAN UP ON ISLE EARTH!!!! CLEAN UP ON ISLE EARTH!!!! NONONONONO, NOT SO FAST KILLER NWO PSYCHOPATHS!!!! OH RICCCKKKYYYY! YOU HAVE SOME SPLAINING TO DO!!! The People will soon see the aftermath of your FAILED RESET!!!! YOU WILL ALL HANG!!!!!!!

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