The Fake War is raging on!!! And by the way, the Canadian Organizers were seen at hotels. They are not in Jail. They worked for The NWO, some on liberal campaigns in the United States. This is all fake, part of the plan to usher in digital currency. Make a PROBLEM( terrorist protesters, truckers) then Make the SOLUTION( remove banking accounts from anyone at the protest, fake organizing the protest, etc.) The Ukrainian Fake War is a False Flag to distract and cause panic and chaos but it is not working, everybody knows how Fake it is. In the best case scenario, someone will take out the Trafficking, Drug and Laundering money facilities! The International Money Fund should be cleaned out of Ukraine too. What, you think we don’t know what’s been going on???? This Stain on the earth needs a DEEP CLEANING! The People know. The criminals have played this hand one too many times. This is not The People’s first rodeo. WE KNOW! For God’s sake no one can be so dumbed down they can’t see that the System is a FACADE, FAKE AND PHONY! Give it up, Surrender now or be taken into custody NWO DEGENERATES!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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