The NWO plans to crash the economy so The People will beg them to give them money. The money will be controlled by them and doled out as they see fit. Once this happens and The people are fully DEPENDENT on them they will tighten the chains. That is their end goal. So what are The People going to do about it? Will they fight like they did when they were locked down because they didn’t fight at all. The lockdown took the economy down and that was the goal. Now they are making Fake Emergency laws to grab what money people do have. This was not about a virus. The Fake vaccine was a means to WEAKEN THE PEOPLE so they could not fight back. The Fake Vaccine made them sick and many died. If your enemy has been incapacitated you will win by default. BUT Everyone had to be weakened. So now they are employing radiation weapons through 5G to further attack The people. Would you call this WAR. I would. Who put up the 5G? Who can disable it? Who has training and skills? Many people. TOO many people are laying in wait. We Win!

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