Nobody listens to me. I tell you soon these people on the Political Stage will be Dragged through the Streets. The children with Myocarditis whose parents soon realize they were TARGETED to be injured and have a limited life. The people whom are showing up on people’s phones because they have an IP address in their body. The fake Covid death that were victims of the paid Hospitals! ON AND ON AND ON! IT WILL GET SO BAD THAT THESE PEOPLE WILL WISH THEY WERE DEAD!!!!!!! IT’S coming! Keep golfing and giving speechs, attending summits because you never know who’s around the corner. An Angry Family? A Trucker? Another Politician who is now running for his life? Eat the food The PEOPLE GREW and transported and cooked for you. Is it safe? Is your house secure enough? Is there anyone you pissed off around you acting like they agree with you? You never listen you people!

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