I often wonder why we care about the second amendment. Is it to hunt game? Or was it to protect The People from Tyranny? It has been a slow roll but Tyranny has taken place in America. Why have we allowed Strangers to dictate to us and our children to wear oxygen depriving masks on our faces? It is a form of torture to close up the mouth and nose so they cannot breath freely. Why did we let this happen? If this is not a time to use the Second Amendment then when would it be a time? Maybe Americans should bring their guns everywhere they go. Carry them openly. And if someone says YOUR CHILD has to do what THEY TELL THEM TO, point your gun at them and tell them to BACK OFF!!!! Maybe then the Schools and the Hospitals, the Politicians would shut their Fucking Mouths! Ever thought of that? We have a right to carry. You protect ALL THE OTHER RIGHTS WITH THE 2ND AMENDMENT!!!!! The First Amendment, Free Speech, is to give them a verbal WARNING THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO USE YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT ON THEM!!!! There will NEVER BE ANOTHER TIME AS IMPORTANT AS NOW TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS!!! THE TIME IS NOW

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