I am going to tell you something. The Video below this post shows the People who rule. They rule because they have money. Money is not A LIVING BREATHING ORGANISM. Money is like any other Inanimate object. Chairs, tables, cars, plates, books, desks, anything and everything that is not breathing can be built or replaced. Money can be replaced. Money is not alive. WITHOUT THE IDOLATRY OF MONEY, THESE MEN STAND ALONE. They have put a measure of worth on the dollar, but a dollar is like a table or anything else that can be replaced. THEY WILL HAVE TO GO HEAD TO HEAD WITH OTHER MEN. MONEY CANNOT FIGHT. MEN CAN FIGHT. MONEY WILL NOT HELP THESE KILLERS WHEN THE PEOPLE COME FOR THEM. AND MONEY CANNOT STOP THE PEOPLE! A piece of Paper Cannot stop The People! A Coin , a number on the internet cannot stop The People!!!! The People can Stop Weapons! The People can stop all this Now!!!!!!! THE PEOPLE run everything! LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

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