If you see the trailer video I posted below, it becomes clear we are already in the NWO. They had to have that in place in order to Depopulate. The Fake Governments are under their control and the NWO GESTOPO is on the ground, all over the world. Weapons have been set up everywhere to hit People with High Sound Frequencies and Radiation from 5G. Organizers of Truck convoys are paid by the NWO and they have become Distractions as the GENOCIDE continues on the people. The first wave was the Fake Vaccine. The second wave are the Weapons. They want to reach 80% less people on earth, and that may be conservative. They count on distracting The World so that they( THE PEOPLE) will not Destroy Their INFRASTRUCTURE! The only hope left is NOT TRUMP, NOT Q, Not Fox Fucking news, THE ONLY thing left is for THE PEOPLE to become an ARMY!! Listen to me!

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