I believe there is a movement to have everyone stop working. The Trucks remain parked. People stay home from work. Shut down the system that keeps the NWO comfortable. Stay off Social Media. That will cause them to lose A LOT of money. The stocks will crash only it won’t be because they manipulated the market to their own advantage. Until they are made to squirm, they will not stop and even then the nooses are ready. It will wake people up to the fact that the NWO forced The People’s Hand. Protesting was a start. STOPPING the hand that feeds them will finish what the Protests started. Communities will help The People. The NWO plans on taking everything away from The People so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get ready. Get money. Get gassed up. They wanted a Lockdown, they will get a Lockdown!!!!! THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER!!!!!

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