At this point we are dealing with SHEER INTIMIDATION on the part of the Fake Police and Fake Government. They are going off willy- nilly pretending that they have something to back up their Lawless actions! But they do not. They have Gone off the RAILS!!! WE are the SANE ONES!!! We can give no Credence to their Fairytale Emergency acts or displays of Fake law ” enforcements.” Nothing they are doing would ever stand up in a REAL Court!!!! They are BULLIES!!! They are taking The People’s lunchboxes and charging them to sit in the cafeteria with nothing to eat. They are Schoolyard Bullies thinking no kid, teacher or parent will stop them. Well it is time to call them out!!!!!! We are grown people who do not need to be threatened and bullied by those who do it because they think they can. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!! NO MORE!!!!!!! They need to put their money where their mouth is and show PROOF of Covid. Show PROOF of the people being enemy combatants and show PROOF of these Fake Laws that order people about for no reason. SHOW US!!!!!!!!!!

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