CANADA PSY-OP OR DOES IT EVEN MATTER? #DARKWINTER #LOCKSTEP.  There are things to think about in this video. We must look at the REALITY of the Inflation, Mandates, Coercion, Military Enforcements, No reporting of the Genocide by the MSM, no acknowledgment of the injuries from the Fake Vaccine, the Corrupt Hospitals and NO ARRESTS OF THOSE WHOM PERPETUATED ALL THESE CRIMES ON THE PEOPLE!!!! THE WHYS AND HOWS NO LONGER MATTER! WE THE PEOPLE MUST GRAB THOSE ENGINEERING THIS WORLD SLAUGHTER OF OUR RIGHTS AND OUR LIVES!!! THE TIME IS NOW! THE TIME IS NOW! THE TIME IS NOW! There is no time left to ANALYZE and REHASE how we got here. WE ARE HERE and NOW WE DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!! OUR PLAN MUST MEET UP WITH THEIR PLAN. We should be where they are as far as executing a response to these current steps THEY are taking. At one point in the race, a Horse turns a corner and overtakes the others. If he barrels ahead, he wins. Are we at the corner? Yes we are. OVERTAKE! OVERTAKE! OVERTAKE! The Time Is Now News

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