As Ottawa protests wind down…..for now, The United States of America will be forming it’s own Convoy! May God Bless Canada, and all those Countries the world over who are fighting the good fight. The People WIN! Canadians showed so much Heart! We pray for the Australians who were hit with War Weaponry. The World People are in this TOGETHER! THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FIGHT US! If we so much as raised a hand to hurt them they would be squashed like bugs!!!!!! We are BILLIONS STRONG!!!!!!! We have more Power than has EVER BEEN RECORDED! WE ARE THE LARGEST ARMY THAT HAS EVER BEEN TO WAR AND WHEN WE RISE WE WILL RISE AGAINST THOSE WHO HAVE HURT US! THEY WILL NOT KNOW WHAT HIT THEM! Have Faith, have Confidence and carry your Weapons with you at all times. 5G must go, Fake Vaccines must go. Evildoers must go. The Time Is Now News

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