We are going to have to find the Source of the Brainwashing. When these techniques have been isolated, they must be abolished. Fluoride must be outlawed. It was originally a weapon in war used on our enemies. It dulls the mind and rots teeth. The Schools have targeted the youth with made up history and harmful social skills that have not been beneficial to growing up. Television PROGRAMMING is another tool used on a regular basis to instill subconscious messaging to create fear of opposing the Government. There are many more. The government has essentially disrupted the minds of The People so their minds pivot away from thinking to repeating. In a state like we are in today with shocking information, The People cannot critically think when they need to the most. The Children depend on the Grown Ups to help them maneuver through these muddy waters. But because of these lacking abilities to think and discern, we instead have a paralyzed mindset( in some of the population) where people are unable to move and take action when it is appropriate. WE MUST BREAK THE CHAIN TO THE SOURCES!!!!!!!!! Only then can we have everyone on board. Until then, the Strong must carry the Weak. This is what makes us Human, unlike the Psychopaths. WE WILL PREVAIL!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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