Day: January 3, 2022

THEY are maneuvering their way into position to be the CAPSTONE on the Pyramid. The tippy top presiding over the NEW WORLD they have designed. Bill Gate’s Grandfather and Rockefeller were around during the Spanish Flu with the masks. Radio Waves were beginning to be used to transmit Morse code, Radio followed, phones, etc. The people worldwide got very sick . Their Bodies not use to radiation from the poles. Here we are generations later and a New Radiation from 5G is coming. It is in Hospitals and schools and throughout the world in cities, streets, rural areas and will be activated soon. Our bodies are not equipped to handle the radiation they will throw out. Especially the Fake Vaccinated will be zapped because they have a conductor in their bodies now with the Graphene and Chips. It will be a SHITSHOW!!!! Take the 5G down!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the weapon, not the fake Covid!!!! The Chinese dropped dead in Wuhan from the 5G that was activated. That is what we saw that seemed so odd. 5G, 5G 5G!!!!!!!!!!!! While we wore masks , they put up poles!!!!!!!! Do what you have to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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