IN YOUR FACE FREEMASONS – MASKS READ DESCRIPTION. This was what a Graphic Artist had to say, but I have also seen other explicit videos on Brett and Christine being the same person. And why was Alyssa Milano at the Brett Kavanaugh hearing? Perhaps for acting lessons and makeup? Boy , they sure do love their MASKS don’t they?

Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford are the Same Person
CIA masks, wasn’t Brett Kavanaugh used as a premise to set the stage of trying to convince voters that President Trump is a womanizing pig? 🧐
“Master of Disguise”

Two Hands Revy
I’m a graphic art student studying 3D modelling and engineering and I can tell you the easiest way to tell is by the rotation of the eyes within the sockets, more specifically the angle at which they are in the head in relation to the eyebrows. (which just so happen to be exactly the same by the way) The reason they eyes look different is because they altered the look of her eye socket with makeup or something, but if you look closely it is the same eye. They even have the same Iris shape and color for god sake! They are LAUGHING at us!!!! click on to see video…

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