The Controlled opposition is David Martin and many others. Rand Paul is controlled opposition. Can you think of anyone else that is prominent in the Controlled opposition category? Who refuses to concede that Warp Speed and Vaccines are killing people? Who has placed themselves as the forefront person to be the VICTIM of Fake News, the media, Hollywood and the big old bad politicians. Who said he was an OUTSIDER? Who has Billions more than they had 4 yrs ago? Who blamed China when they went to England and took photos of them looking at Royal Documents under glass, could have been the papers with the Coronavirus named in them? X22 report with a huge audience , lots of paid advertising, on EVERYDAY FOR YEARS, pounding away at the Q, Trump narrative, telling The people to WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!!! Who has money to pay the Controlled Opposition? Anyone with Large audiences are paid. Period. They distract, never telling you the truth. This is truly a game of cat and mouse. Do you play Chess? Do you know how to hide and seek? Do you smell the rats? We fight now or we die. Come together like minds. Don’t be afraid of the dark, it is your friend. The WAR is in full swing. The Time Is Now News

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